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Celia Dalou

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I am a high-temperature, high-pressure experimental petrologist. My research interests concern the cycling of volatile elements (H2O, CO2, F, Cl, S, and N) in the Earth’s mantle, with application to planetary differentiation processes and mantle magmatism. To these ends, I study the partitioning of volatile elements and light element isotopic fractionation between magmas, aqueous fluids, minerals, and metals, and their solubility and solution mechanisms in magmas at pressures and temperatures relevant to mantle conditions.


Dalou, C., Hirschmann, M.M., Jacobsen, S.D., and Le Losq, C. (2019) Raman spectroscopy study of COHN speciation in reduced basaltic glasses: implications for reduced planetary mantles. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (IF: 4.3), 265, 32-47

This paper presents the first thorough study of the speciation of volatile elements at the conditions of the Earth magma ocean.


Dalou, C., Füri, E., Deligny, C., Piani, L., Caumon, M. C., Laumonier, M., Boulliung, J. and Edén, M. (2019) Redox control on nitrogen isotope fractionation during planetary core formation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (IF: 9.6), 116(29), 14485-14494.

In this paper, we show for the first time large isotopic fractionation of N between core forming metal and a silicate phase that can be related to variation of N speciation with changes of oxygen fugacity. 


Dalou, C., Hirschmann M., Mosenfelder, J., von der Handt, A., and Armstrong. L. (2017) C/N fractionation during core-mantle differentiation. Earth Planetary Science Letters (IF: 4.6), 458, 141-151.


We compare C and N fractionation between metal and silicate phases and show that the superchondritic C/N value of the bulk silicate Earth cannot be explained by core formation as previously inferred. 

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